Turnings, 1992

Published by Edition Reese

Isla Vista, CA

Turnings is a limited edition publication of twenty books.  In each book the artist’s text is handset and letterpress printed on handmade paper; and includes a unique set of three drawings and an original painting on a wood panel.

A video and vintage [1991] Kodak Photo CD, produced by Wayne McCall, document the entire project.


T   H   E   T   U   R

N   I    N   G   S   C

A  M   E   N   O  W

A   S   W   E   P   R

E   S    E   N   T   T

H   E   T   A   S   K




Calculating  a  fancy at  a  time of despair

was  not a scheme  of  intent:  charlatan  or

chanteuse,  tell  me which  of you seeks an

accident to relieve such a branding?  I have

been insulating pretensions with many

false starts.  My task is to fill

crevices with memory,



a   n   d   t   o   a   c


k  n   o   w   l   e   d


g   e   t    h   e   i   r


d  e   b   t    t   o   f


a   c   t    s    o   f   t


h   i    s  w   a   y   f


o   r    a   p   a   i   n


t    e    d   w  a   l    l









an accidental quality

relieved it of any

mnemonic burden




Turnings / 1992